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Well, it’s been almost seven weeks since I was released into the wild. It’s been pretty overwhelming, after having been locked up for the better part of eight years.

It’s sorta like I’ve seen on the Discovery Channel, except the animals are treated better, both in captivity and in the rehab places.

I’m experiencing what I would characterize as sensory overload. I just saw the beautiful starry sky here in Tucson for the first time the other night, only because I got my curfew extended from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights; in order to be able to attend a homegroup meeting through my Church.

Other than having an ankle monitor and having to be in before dark, things are going pretty well. I have a job, though it hasn’t started yet, so I am working on getting some samples of my web design up and running.

I’m glad the invisible fencing and shock collar was too expensive for Parole :).

And I have to thank God for all that He did for me while I was in prison, and especially for the blessing of providing for me now that I am out.

Author: Bill